You’re the Writer

Writing class is in session.

When I coach writers in self-publishing, one of the areas in which I suggest they invest money is professional editing.

Of course.

Remember though, YOU are the writer.

The editor will hopefully catch everything that needs attention but it is up to you to incorporate those edits into your manuscript.

And then check it.


And again.

The red squiggly underline in your word document indicates spelling mistakes. It is there to help you. The green squiggly line indicates something else is wrong. Pay attention to them.

Don’t assume the editor is going to fix your manuscript and then it’s ready for formatting.

Not so.

When your manuscript is returned to you from your editor, you will need to make the appropriate changes.

I recommend starting a new version of your manuscript (keeping the old one for back up) and making the suggested edits. Always know which version is your current one.

Save your manuscript under a new title (MyManuscript-V2) and get writing. Focus.

Yes, it seems daunting, but remember:

Every leg of the journey improves your story.

Welcome the edits and rise to the challenge of stretching even further to reach your goal of writing a great book. Incredible insights and improvements have come from a good editing session. In fact, I look forward to the editing stage and discovering the new depth of craft it can pull from my writing.

Dive back into your manuscript: line by line, word by word. You’re the writer.

You can do this.

I believe in you.

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