There’s a time to bike and a time to write

I headed out on my bike this morning.

The question in my head: where should I focus my energy? So much writing inspiration, so little time.

I love my morning rides.

I also love the manuscript I’ve been writing for 9 years. Well, some days I hate it. It’s like the line from Crazy, Stupid Love where Steve Carell’s character says, “I have loved her even when I hated her… only married couples’ll understand that one…”

Well, only writers will understand the complicated relationships we have with our writing.

Back to the bike.

Within minutes of my home, I see a dead hare on the road. First one this year.

I carry on.

Up the hill and around the ridge.

A single deer darts through the grass, racing in the opposite direction.

Still, I ride.

Turning onto the path for home, I see a different path I’ve wanted to explore and I take it.

Only to be whapped in the mouth by a sizeable dragonfly.


I’ll head home.

But I’m taking the ridge path with a view.

Thwap. Right in the cheek by a bee.

I peeled off the path and onto the main road, pedalling hard.

Nine years is enough. This is the year I finish. This is the year I publish.

And all of Nature is here to support me. Even if I don’t like her tactics.

Write first. Bike later.

Well played, Mother Nature.


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