Top 3 Reasons You Need an Accountability Buddy

Various coaching models all include a key factor: accountability.

Whether you’re writing your opus or training for a marathon, accountability keeps you showing up.

Because as long as you show up, you move forward with your project.

If you never show up, you never complete your goal.

Even if the goal seems immense.

Too huge to consider.

A whale of a project…

A step taken daily moves you closer.

We procrastinate. And there’s often juice in procrastination.

But eventually, we show up and do the work.

I’ve spent over 20 years coaching others in one fashion or another.

And the truth is, when you have a coach in your corner, you have accountability.

Not only accountability, but direction, support, sounding board, pep talks and partnership. Completing your project is not an IF, it’s a WHEN.


The top 3 reasons you need an accountability buddy

1.To prevent procrastination

You have to report in. You’ll need something to report. No buddy… no one to report to… no need to report. Procrastination gets comfy.

2. Encouragement

Our goal is often big and our steps toward it, little. We rarely celebrate the small steps. Our buddy, however, applauds our progress, which spurs us on and makes the journey more enjoyable. We become inspired to continue each day.

3. Purpose

Often overlooked, this is a biggie. When we have a sense of purpose, our lives become more meaningful. Even if that purpose is to encourage others in their small steps toward their goals. When you are part of someone’s accountability, you cheer their progress and in that, greater meaning seeps into your own life and work.

Join a writing circle, sign up (and show up) for a class, or find a mentor/coach.

If you prefer to write in your pyjamas, consuming copious amounts of tea and dark chocolate (oh, wait… that’s me), join our online writer’s circle. It will give you the accountability you need without having to get dressed.

Oh! And it’s on sale. Register in August for $10/month and continue at that rate all year long.

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