Work from home/life balance

I just spoke with a client who is preparing her manuscript for publishing.

When the energy wave comes, you surf it.

Even when it comes in the middle of summer.

When your kids are out of school.

My client is working to balance getting the book out this fall and spending quality summer fun time with her daughter.

I faced this same dilemma in July. The muse hit me hard and she came with a giant steam trunk. Not a blog post or two… not even a 72-page self-help book (my last summer’s assignment).

No, she came with an 8-course agenda! And I had to first teach myself online course creation.

The silver lining? And there’s always one.

My kids both had a week of summer camp.

Yes, it was the week I had planned to cycle and meditate and have tea with friends.

But I was just so lit up by the new project, it was all I wanted to do.

And I did.

I wrote my ass off!

I maximized every moment of that week so I didn’t have to mitigate mom guilt in the weeks after.

And, as the universe would have it, my client’s daughter is at Grandma’s for 2 days.

My advice to her was to get everything done that she possibly could in these 2 days.

Write hard. Revise. Launch crowd-funding campaign. Wrap it up.

Get it done. Ride the tail of the wave and finish in style.

Then the pressure will be off.

And summer fun, on.

3 thoughts on “Work from home/life balance

  1. Stephanie, Thanks for sharing the post. I learned to swim with my sons this summer and I understand that fight. I’ve been excited to work on a fall art exhibition but play more than I want this summer. Ive found myself changing my studio time to when they are sleep. Anyway thanks for the post its good to know that others creatives experience this.


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