How to get your book into Chapters/Indigo

A client forwarded her question to me today about how to go about getting her book into Chapters/Indigo.

Great question.

One I had myself not too long ago.

Here’s what I know.

Contact the Chapters/Indigo local author rep responsible for your area. They will ask you about your published book and if it is a good fit for them, they will forward a form for you to fill out in order to get your book into their online system (available for sale online and for order from clients in their stores).

Your book must have a proper ISBN in order to be considered.

You may need to forward a copy of your book for their review.

To get your print books into the stores, you will then need to make an appointment with each individual store’s reading manager. If they find your book a good fit for their store, they will most likely place you in the local author consignment section. You can talk to them about genre-specific placement.

It is in your best interest to cultivate good relationships with your local store managers. You can ask them about book signings and set up dates in advance. Find out how they prefer to be contacted (phone or email). They are busy people and you want to create a mutually respectful and beneficial relationship.

When they accept your books, they will let you know how many copies and you will sign a consignment agreement with them that includes the rate paid out per book and the date of the completion of the consignment period (when you pick up what hasn’t sold).

When it comes to Chapters/Indigo, I have a saying.

My books don’t sell unless I’m selling them.

No offence, Chapters. I’m grateful you carry my books.

But they stock A LOT of books. And as indie-authors, people are typically not looking for our books, nor will our books be placed front and centre on display.

You will have to work at selling them. Let people know through social media and email where they can buy your book. Do in-store book signings to draw new readers to your book. Send out information to local book bloggers.

Your book might be on the shelf, but your work’s not done.


I’m interested in your experience of bookstore placement. Let us know how you get your books on store shelves. What’s worked for you?

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