Thoughts On Paper

I felt compelled to share this poem to complement Stephanie’s recent post. It was originally published in Metamorphosis of a Narcissist – my first collection of poetry, self-published and printed locally by Blitzprint in 2005. Not on recycled paper … sorry!

Thoughts On Paper

I. End Times

Night melts into morning
a red sun rises and sets the same
brilliant, bleeding parenthetic closure.
How can I sleep when my world is burning?

Smoke weighs heavy in the valley
slows my breath
recalcitrant heavens dry
whim of the wind forces vacant homes
charred remains.

800 forest fires blaze
retribution for our carelessness?
Soon paper will be as precious as water
and we will write our final chapter
on borrowed time.

II. Hallowed Halls

I venture back into the hallowed halls
to become a rhetorician
learn appropriate linearity of expression
use punctuation for emphasis and adornment
Those who have been thinking about words
longer than I have
would help me realign my thoughts.

III. Compost to Composition

It used to be important to me to extend the ink
from margin to margin both sides of the page
in a sincere effort to save a tree
Shopping list on the back of last week’s receipt
to-do lists on envelopes
Monthly, I would carry reams of words to recycle
life secrets to be lost in a sea of
shredded, mulched pulp
The reincarnation of an entire forest.
Does anybody hear it fall, get up, and fall again?

Now, fed by futility and mortality
I want to move down the page as fast as possible
dribble drivel only on the left side
meaningless meanderings
pointless pondering
redundant rhetoric
languishing alliteration
Eyes fall, settle quickly at the final stop.

Until I can hold attention to an entire page
I will hurry down the left side
In a short time, I will accomplish something
complete one thought, express one point
and maybe my life would be rendered successful
should I bind together endless pages
blackened on one side only
And perhaps a seed in all that compost
will germinate in the mind of someone
who will save a tree.


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