Merry Writing This Christmas

Of all the things I could be doing, probably should be doing, on this day before Christmas, I felt inspired to write. Of all the writing projects I could be working on, and there are so many, I decided to write about my trip to Costa Rica – five years overdue. Why now? I don’t know, I try not to question the muse too much (or ignore her). Maybe it’s the time of year, maybe it’s the temperature outside. Maybe it’s just time to finish up some old business.

I started “writing” it by staying between flannel sheets and organizing it in my head. It turns out, three blog posts need to be written: I was in Costa Rica for about six weeks … and it wasn’t all good.

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And here I am, taking time away, not only from Christmas preparations and all the other chores that need to get done, but from writing what I got out of bed to write … to tell you about it. Sometimes you just gotta go where the flow takes you, where inspiration grows; sometimes you just need to take a “vacation” (and even a vacation from that vacation). Sometimes you just need to share your writing trials, tribulations and triumphs.

I’m pretty happy about feeling inspired to work on my writing. It doesn’t happen often as I’m scurrying about my usual busyness. I’m pleased that I can say no to housework glaring me in the face, and clients’ editing needs, and take time to honour my own creativity. I’m glad I have the headspace and opportunity to do something different from my usual routine. It feels like a long gentle exhale toward the end of the calendar.

I encourage you to take some time over the holidays to answer your own creative call. If you’d like to share what you’re up to, if you need support, you can comment here — or, you can attend our on-line writers’ circle to share your writing and get feedback from other writers. We’ll officially kick it off in the New Year, so you still have time to get something written.

Okay, back to the baking, the wrapping and the other writing.

We, the Book Babas, wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, fruitful, New Year.

We look forward to helping you birth your books in 2019.

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