Should I invest in a professional book cover?

Great question!

As always, it depends on you, your book, and how you want to send it out to the world.

If you have mad skills in the area of cover design, go for it!

eBook is easier in this respect than print book covers.

You can use a tool such as Canva and create jpg and png eBook covers in minutes (often free!)

However, unless you are equipped with software and/or skills for front, back, and spine design, you may wish to enlist a professional for your printed book cover.

I put this to the test with my new release, An Accidental Awakening.

Initially, I popped into Kindle books and used their cover design tools. This is what came of that play day:

Perfectly acceptable. And free.

I posted it to my readers on social media and had a mixed response.

Within minutes, I had created this Kindle Print cover:

Again, perfectly lovely. I used Canva to generate the faint mandala image on the red background and loaded it into the Kindle Print template. Zero $ invested. An excellent option for book cover design on a budget.

My readers weren’t all loving the red as much as I. “Too harsh.”

So, I went a different direction:

Fancy. And busy. More indicative of the story, however, how was I going to fix all of that back matter so it could be clean and professional-looking?

So, I googled around and found 99 Designs.

And then the fun began!

I signed up for their basic book cover design service, then ran a contest.

Designers from around the world entered and began submitting their cover designs. It was inspiring and exciting.

Once I narrowed down my favourite designs, I ran a poll on social media, for my readers to select their favourite.

And the winner is….

Should you hire a professional cover designer? You decide…

If you need help with your writing/publishing journey, contact us.

If you have a story to tell but don’t want to publish an entire book, submit to our upcoming anthology.

We offer writing & publishing coaching, manuscript critique & editing services, interior book formatting, and eBook cover design.

All the best with your book!!

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