Do you have a story to share?

Have you always wanted to be a published author but:

  • you don’t have the time to write a book on your own
  • you don’t have the interest or enough content to fill an entire book

Be part of our next publication

We are looking for stories – YOUR stories – to included in an upcoming anthology.

We believe in the power of our stories: to help, to heal, to inspire, to entertain, and to transform lives.

As a contributor to an anthology, you receive:

  • your story professionally edited and included in the published book
  • your biography included in the book
  • 20 paperback copies of the book (which you can sell at the predetermined price, and recoup your submission cost)
  • the ability to purchase more books at cost

Don’t be shy. We look forward to reading your work! We can help you improve it if needed.

We are seeking Stories of Transition:

  • Are you dealing with a personal transition, perhaps in a relationship or a career?
  • Are you helping a parent through their transition from this earthly plane?
  • Have you, or someone close to you, been affected by a gender transition?
  • Is transition something you chose or was it thrust upon you? Is/was it fast or slow? What did you do to help stay sane while making the change? What gifts or surprises came from it?

To be considered for the anthology, fill out the form below. Please ensure we have your email address and full name. Then, copy/paste your story into the appropriate field. We will review all submissions and contact you by October 31st, 2019, to let you know if your submission will be included in the next book.

Submission deadline is December 31, 2019

If we receive enough submissions for multiple books, we may publish more than one anthology.

At the time your submission is approved, you will receive a publishing agreement with all details outlined.

It costs nothing to submit your story. Once your story is chosen to be included in the book, you will be invoiced $500 along with your publishing agreement.

We are big believers in community and will create ways for you to connect with one another as writers. We will arrange a group gathering before publication, as well as co-create a book launch for early 2020!

Story tips:

  • Write in first person
  • Write from the heart
  • True stories, not fiction (though we may visit creative writing in another anthology)
  • Tell us a story: share the details through all the senses
  • Do not send previously published work (unless you have all rights to do so)
  • Start in scene: jump right into the story
  • Move us to tears, laughter, hope, heartache or inspiration.