Maraya Loza-Koxhan

Maraya is an experienced Freelance Editor and Book Coach with a demonstrated history in the health and wellness industry. After graduating with a BA in Psychology and a BFA in Art Education from the University of Calgary, Maraya studied numerous alternative health modalities. For over 20 years she has assisted individuals and groups wholistically in the following areas: bodywork; nutrition, lifestyle and psycho/emotional counseling; communication and community-building; writing, art and dance.

Maraya has had several articles published in national and international magazines in print and online. She has published three books of poetry: Metamorphosis of a Narcissist; Reflections and Shadows; and Leftovers. Maraya is currently working on a memoir called Love, Death & Tango and several other projects.

“My purpose is to help others find their passion and fulfill their quest for a better life.” ~M.

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