Recognizing Resistance

Steven Pressfield (The War of Art) would say I’m in resistance. He’d be right. Yet, if I’m working on projects, completing them, publishing … how can that be resistance? Sounds like success to me. Well, it depends on the project. My current form of procrastination is: transcribing three old print books of poetry into eBooks … Continue reading Recognizing Resistance

Work from home/life balance

I just spoke with a client who is preparing her manuscript for publishing. When the energy wave comes, you surf it. Even when it comes in the middle of summer. When your kids are out of school. My client is working to balance getting the book out this fall and spending quality summer fun time … Continue reading Work from home/life balance

The Yoga of Writing: 5 Ways to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

Writing is like a faucet: it’s either on or off but you first have to turn the tap. When you shut it off, it dries up. When you turn it on, it pours forth. If you feel your tap has been closed tight, here are 5 ways to get it flowing again: Say yes. Out … Continue reading The Yoga of Writing: 5 Ways to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

You’re the Writer

Writing class is in session. When I coach writers in self-publishing, one of the areas in which I suggest they invest money is professional editing. Of course. Remember though, YOU are the writer. The editor will hopefully catch everything that needs attention but it is up to you to incorporate those edits into your manuscript. … Continue reading You’re the Writer