How to get your book into Chapters/Indigo

A client forwarded her question to me today about how to go about getting her book into Chapters/Indigo. Great question. One I had myself not too long ago. Here's what I know. Contact the Chapters/Indigo local author rep responsible for your area. They will ask you about your published book and if it is a … Continue reading How to get your book into Chapters/Indigo

There’s a time to bike and a time to write

I headed out on my bike this morning. The question in my head: where should I focus my energy? So much writing inspiration, so little time. I love my morning rides. I also love the manuscript I've been writing for 9 years. Well, some days I hate it. It's like the line from Crazy, Stupid … Continue reading There’s a time to bike and a time to write

You’re the Writer

Writing class is in session. When I coach writers in self-publishing, one of the areas in which I suggest they invest money is professional editing. Of course. Remember though, YOU are the writer. The editor will hopefully catch everything that needs attention but it is up to you to incorporate those edits into your manuscript. … Continue reading You’re the Writer

How I almost killed my indie-published book sales.

I hadn't intended to write and publish Nourish: Ayurveda-inspired 21-day Detox last year. I was walking with a friend by the Bow River and she asked what projects I had on the go. Nourish had been bouncing around in my brain that morning — bits and bobs of information that wanted to appear in book … Continue reading How I almost killed my indie-published book sales.

The Journey Begins

  Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton Welcome to your writing/self-publishing journey. We are honoured to walk this road alongside you. While it can feel like a bumpy path to navigate, a good traveling companion always makes the journey easier. We've walked this road before and we understand … Continue reading The Journey Begins