Maraya did an amazing job! I plan on hiring her again soon.

Luke Narlee, This Can’t Wait


If you are looking for an Angel to help you with your book – Stephanie is it! I highly recommend working with Stephanie, as you will receive the much needed guidance and support!

Malcolm Saunders, Superfood Alchemist, Owner & Creative Visionary thelightcellar.com, author of Elixir Life: Modern Nutrition Meets Ancient Herbal Wisdom


Maraya exceeded my expectation as a line/copy editor and coached me through the final steps of completing my manuscript.

Linda Watney, Joyful Chaos: Finding Humor in Parenting


Stephanie goes above and beyond! I’m in awe of her ability to match my personality with words. Thank goodness for talented writers like Stephanie… her copywriting for my marketing materials and website has been the icing on the cake. Amen!

Kristine Andrea, Quaintrelle Artist, Calgary, AB


Maraya, To breathe life into a story is a gift. Thank you.

Tim Lewis, Frozen Footsteps: Memoir of a Mountaineer